We use common sense. It may sound simple, but there is a lack of it in the industry. Independent structure. Contrarian thinking. We focus on generating returns while trying to mitigate the risk of substantial losses.

Experience has taught us that investors can invest successfully by adhering to three basic principles.


Is the difference between investing and trading.

Experience and history has shown that having the discipline to invest across market cycles, rather than trading to chase returns based on recent trends or market headlines, can provide the foundation upon which a portfolio can attain more consistent long-term investment returns.

AM Global seeks to generate a competitive risk adjusted return after inflation, taxes and fees by investing in an array of investment strategies across market cycles while guarding against significant losses.


Price Matters Most

Losses are hard to make up. Investors who expose themselves to significant losses require a much higher return to get back to even and may not have the flexibility to invest at the most opportune moments.

Invest With a Margin of Safety – Investing in attractively priced assets offers fundamental value and provides a margin of safety.

Spend Wisely – Prudently manage fees and taxes but with the understanding that spending less is not always better.

price matters most

Don’t Get Emotional

History has shown that investors, driven by emotion, make fundamental errors of judgment at the most inopportune times based on inadequate information. We help our clients to use market emotions to their advantage by embracing three basic practices:

AVOID “THE HERD”:  We do not buy because others are buying or sell because others are selling.

“BUY FROM THE FEARFUL, AND SELL TO THE GREEDY”: We try to take advantage when investors are behaving irrationally.

DON’T GET DISTRACTED BY SHORT-TERM “NOISE”:  Making investment decisions based on market trends or the latest news leads to potentially catastrophic losses. We focus on long-term investing across full market cycles


Investment Process

Our investment process is the means by which we implement our investment philosophy in our clients’ portfolios.

Investment Policy Statement
Macroeconomic Research
Asset Allocation
Manager Due Diligence and Selection
Portfolio Construction
Asset Location

Investment Resources

As a client you also gain access to deep investment resources.


Global Network of Investment Minds

You gain access to a diverse network of investment thinking, from some of the brightest investment minds and access to attractive investment strategies and opportunities around the world.

  • Investment Advisory Board – Accomplished global investors
  • Market Research – Leading research from respected investment managers and strategies
  • Financial Services Firms – Economists and investment strategies from leading banks and asset management firms
  • Investment Managers – Intelligence from more than 100 professional investors around the world


Independent Research & Diligence

Our family investment office provides clients with experienced, unbiased selection of various investments as well as transparency into each investment’s individual merits, performance and cost.


Proactive Financial Support

Our people are the heart and soul of our business. They put themselves in your shoes and ask “how can I help?” They also work tirelessly to ensure seamless and timely execution for your wealth management.

  • Independent oversight of accounts – We watch over your financial statements and accounts
  • Transparent reporting – We show you how your investments are performing, in a way you can understand
  • Coordination with your other advisors – We coordinate our activity with your other providers so that everything is executed seamlessly